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Panicom Operation environment.

Contamination/Laminated environment
Clean room control contam.
- Lamina.
- Smock suit.
- Glove.
- Mouth cover.
- Head cover.
Clean Room#1.
Clean Room#2.  
Gray room comtrol comtam.
- Glove.
- Mouth cover.
- Head cover.
- Cover shoes.
Gray Room#1. Gray Room#2.  
Training Area.
- VMI/Functional,Equipment Training.
- Handling/ Packing Training.
- GR&R Test.
Material Segregated Control.
- Before Screening : Left hand side.
- After Screening : Right hand side.
- Rej Sort out : Front side(red tape at tray level).

- Operators Tagging(at tray level).
- Superviser/Engineer audit on hourly basis.
- Visual Aid each criteria show at Screening Area.

Screening at Customer Plant.

- Operators to be fixed each screening job until finished.
- Leader Operators to be required on daily basis when screening customer Plant.
- Supervisor/Engineer to be required at least 2 times/week when screening customer Plant.
Tagging Control.

New leisure period for Operators(to reduce personal stress).
- Lunch brake 1 hr/shift.
- 10 minutes brake every 2.5 hrs.
- Rej label Tagging. - EN Number Tagging.
Example of Visual aid.


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