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The sorting and reworking service

The quality of computer parts may effect with your marketing. We provide services to ensure your shipment according to your business agreement as well as provide good parts support your customer in Thailand.

1. The sorting service will be provided good parts for your customer. So we will separate rejected parts for RTV.
2. Our specialist are able to support at your customerís factory. They will sort good parts in his production line. Your customer will accept your fast reaction.
3. The perfect sorting report submit to you everyday. It show the result of sorting per shipment by shipment. The samples as attachment
4. The rejected samples will send you by (DHL).If you need.
5. The defect photo be submit to you by e-mail.They will show the defects that we found.
6. The visual inspection ,We have visual specialist by 10x-30x microscope.

The clean room

The gray room(air condition room)

Sorting fixture and instrument


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