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Panicom Screening service

We serve features of products which meet Customer needs and thereby provide customer satisfaction by our screening service

1. We have clean room class #1000 for operation
2. Our inspectors have more 5 years experiences for visual inspection in hard disc drive component. 3 years experiences in PCB business.
3. We are able to do the screening Machine by self
4. The quality control will follow up specification per customer.
5. The screening report will submit daily basis.
6. The specification and technical training.This type quality training will support employee ability to collect good parts and present the resulting information for decision making.

Screening service Process flow

Screening fixure and instrument The digital drop gauge with
granite surface
Ultrasonic chamber size 6x 12
Mini Milling M/c Srink wrap packing M/C Vacuum seal packing
Digimatic Height Gage Fluke multimeter high accuracy  

Sorting fixture and instrument

Sorting Fixture: we are able to support customer need. The granite high precision surface will be available. Drop gauge digital 5 digits and etc.

Instrument :

1. Digital multimeter (Fluke) high accuracy
2. High gauge digital 5 digits
3. Super micrometer 5 digits
4. Bore gauge digital
5. Hipot Tester
6. Push and Pull Tester
7. Micro scope 10x- 30x (Nikon) (more 50 sets)
8. Slot gauge
9. Pin Gauge
10. Thread gauge
11. Shim gauge
12. Etc


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