Develop product features that respond to customer needs

Quality of Parts, You may be facing
With Quality problem.. Your Customer Complain in your Products. We are offering sorting and Reworking Service inThailand.. The Corrective action will support good impression to customer

Sorting Service and Reworking service, Your computer parts will be salvaged good parts from rejection shipment. The saving is offering enhanced value and convenience for your business You could support good service to customer immediately.

We have more 15 years experience sorting service in computer parts. Panicom incorporated in 1993. The Tooling and Instrument update to customer. The consistent quality service to customer satisfaction. ISO 9001:2000 will be set up in year 2007

Our inspectors are expert for inspection under Microscope10-30x. We have more200 inspectors and microscopes.The gray room and clean room support your products. The sorting report to issue online to you through electronic mail daily basis. More importantly, The defects photo also report to you.We are able to pack your parts by vacuum seal machine.

Assembly Service in cleanroom Class 10k and class 100

The assembly line will support you coveyor belt under cleanroom class 10k.

The inspection area will support you Laminar flowhood class 100.

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